This is the archive for Dave's Poetry - at the moment individual Poems are shown below. 

However, as the number of poems grows they will be organised into collections.

Feb 13

Go Jack Go!


Go Jack Go!

Spaced-out and restless road runner    
Detained for howling at the moon
Witty, well-read, refined road runner
Smoke rising from your clattering keyboard
Catholic boy, Buddhist boy, bi-sexual boy
Pulling daisies in the darkness
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Dec 8

Remembrance Day - November 2011


 poppyfield-large jpg

Yesterday being Remembrance Day

I made a point of remembering

And joined several hundred other rememberers

On the Town Hall Square

Where I bumped into Alec Simister

Who I hadn't seen for ten years

Now there's a man who could wear a bowler hat and rolled umbrella

As well as any city banker, retired guards officer

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Dec 8

Plum Blossom in the Snow

plum blossoms in snow


Like a character from a Murakami story 

Mr Nagata looks into the embers of his dying fire 

And remembers 

Mr Nagata surveys the familiar images 

And pulling the sack around his shoulders 

Takes another sip of Ballantyne’sRead more

Dec 6
Dec 5

Once They're Gone, They're Gone



Roll up, roll up, get yours while stocks last.
A genuine, never-to-be repeated offer.
It’s not bankrupt stock, they’re not counterfeit,
Once they’re gone, they’re gone.Read more