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Remembrance Day - November 2011


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Yesterday being Remembrance Day

I made a point of remembering

And joined several hundred other rememberers

On the Town Hall Square

Where I bumped into Alec Simister

Who I hadn't seen for ten years

Now there's a man who could wear a bowler hat and rolled umbrella

As well as any city banker, retired guards officer

or Orange Lodge member


As Vlad the Impaler or maybe Chinghis Khan


"I pissed my sides" he said "when I saw you in the paper,


Writing poetry, is that your latest scam?"


He was never one to mince his words.


Constructed of dinosaur bones


His crushing grip staying on the hand for minutes


Then I drove to Stoke to visit my brother's grave.


It seemed a good thing to do it would have been his birthday today


Our street, which was falling down when we were kids


Is still falling down, the 70s makovers washed away by time


The entries seem to get narrower


But the cobbles, ever more subsided


Are still covered in dogshit


Our local pub Scrimmies, was as full as on any Sunday in my father's day


No miners now but everyone still looks old


Were these the people I went to school with?


I didn't remember them.


And they didn't remember me.


But the Bass tasted just like it used to!




November 2011


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