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However, as the number of poems grows they will be organised into collections.

Plum Blossom in the Snow

plum blossoms in snow


Like a character from a Murakami story 

Mr Nagata looks into the embers of his dying fire 

And remembers 

Mr Nagata surveys the familiar images 

And pulling the sack around his shoulders 

Takes another sip of Ballantyne’s

There is the girl who he tries to forget 

Her black hair bobbed 

Her white neck polished 

Mr Nagata thinks of his daughter 

And prays for her safety 

For his wife he has no concern 


There is a music stand and a dextrous arm 

Sawing the bow of an invisible cell 

He hums to himself

Mr Nagata listens but hears 

Only the sound of the cracking wood 

The night sky glistens

Tomorrow they will return 

Will he slouch off to the hills 

Leaving only cold ashes?

Mr Nagata meditates on the old Zen proverb 

That’s life, seven times down 

Eight times up

He has eaten a tin of Pacific Salmon 

He has consumed three cans of Coca Cola 

He is on his fourth whisky

By now the plum should be in blossom 

Pink bud on white snow 

Like the nipples of a teenage girl

Mr Nagata heaves himself 

Into the wooden shed 

Leaning at a crazy angle

Mr Nagata thanks his gods 

Takes the washing line from round his waist 

And like a character from a Murukami story

Hangs himself.


 March 2011

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