This is the archive for Dave's Poetry - at the moment individual Poems are shown below. 

However, as the number of poems grows they will be organised into collections.

Li Po and Little Lu



Chinese New Year 2013 : Year of the Snake



It is late November

And dusk falls early in Cheng Du.

Across the freezing lake

Above the Little Potola Monastery

Hangs a pale full moon.

A pagoda and an arched bridge

Stand silhouetted against the yellow sky,

Like carefully arranged props

On a willow patterned wedding cake.

Eating a penny stick of toffee plums,

And knowing their reputed powers,

I catch up with Little Lu,

Our tiny and vivacious Chinese guide.

The comforting moon”, I observe,

reflected in the biting waters of the lake.

This is the China of Li Po,

I feel a poem coming on”.

Little Lu looks up at me,

Her brown eyes twinkling in the gloom.

What’s up” she says, more than a little condescending,

Don’t you have full moons in England?”



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