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Go Jack Go!


Go Jack Go!

Spaced-out and restless road runner    
Detained for howling at the moon
Witty, well-read, refined road runner
Smoke rising from your clattering keyboard
Catholic boy, Buddhist boy, bi-sexual boy
Pulling daisies in the darkness
Go Jack Go!

Spilling your words like semen
Flying high wingless, into the sun
Soaring brilliant like the blue jay
Torch-light on the Dr Sax shadows
Illuminating the poor and lowly
Leaping headlong into chasms of gloom and doubt
Go Jack Go!

Poor misunderstood Ti Jean
Misplaced patriot and faggot beater
Lost and lonely in the chasms of the city
Lost and lonely on the mountain peak
Hoping to answer time’s eternal question
Hoping to free yourself from life’s eternal chains
Go Jack Go!

Seeing the wasteland at first hand
Breton seeker of spiritual meaning
Searching for solace, collapsing space and time
Catholic bible quoting Buddhist
Hobo idealist and fellaheen brother
Ranting at the American Dream
Go Jack Go!

Moon lover, road lover, mountain lover
City lover, street lover, sex lover
East-west , west-east, your motif
Wearing a crown, not of your making
Boy-star of small-town football
Ogling short-skirted schoolgirls
Go Jack Go!

Gulliver trapped in Lilliput
Seaman scullion, jazz freak
Be-bopped, spewing bejewelled words
Up-beat, down-beat, beat-up and beatified
St Francis of the Lonely Wankers
Seeking the forgiveness of a merciful saviour.
Go Jack Go!

Written on the 50th anniversary of the publication of On the Road, 19 April 2007

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