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Who Knows where the time goes?

Another Busy Few Months : October 13-July 14


October : Green Door Ensemble at Marsden Jazz Festival with 20 minute set of four new poems backed by James Hartnell and Kevin Bates. Did it again at George’s Gallery Bolton in November. Must make more of an effort to learn the words

January : finished our research project in Old Trafford and all the researchers achieved a Level 3 Open Award in Research Skills. The team pulled out all the stops to generate nearly 400 in-depth interviews with community members of all ages and cultures. Had a couple of weeks in Goa with old friend Phillip Goodwin. Things have changed since he was last there but the second hand book shop at Colva remains. The owner remembered Goodwin from ten years ago. He Is an interesting, humble and humane man with a good sense of humour.

February : Coming back and feeling bored I thought ”lets have a poetry festival” so after a few phone calls and chats to some key people at the Octagon Theatre, Council and Library, Scott Devon and I submitted an application to the Arts Council for Bolton’s first International Poetry Festival to be held in June.

April : We got our approval in April and fourteen weeks later we’re reflecting on the Live from Worktown experience which created 21 events in 21 days with over 700 people taking part, involving a dozen languages in translation, and visits from New York’s George Wallace and International writer Anjum Malik. Oh and an official launch at the Octagon. And an anthology Live from Worktown 2014.

Meanwhile we managed to get in a Lancaster Spotlight Slam (Paul Blackburn came third), a couple of rounds of Keiran King’s First Word War at the Three Minute Theatre, a few Write out Louds at Bolton and Wigan, Neo evenings at George’s, and the odd Birkenhead, Rochdale and Tyldesley excursions. And I thought I was having a quiet time.

July : What next? The garden’s more or less looking after itself although it seems bemused at the June drought following the winter floods. Should switch to rice I suppose. Having failed miserably with last year’s writing resolutions I could revisit them . Or I could just get the hoover out and clean up a much neglected house. Or read. We know a poem about that don’t we?


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