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Not usually my cup of tea

st george flag

Not usually my cup of tea but...

Well done to Cllr Yvonne Creswell and Bury Council for flying the Cross of St George on the 23 April.

The decision to have the Union Flag flying permanently and individual national flags on their national days reflects a common sense approach to what is fast becoming a national farce.

Yes the English flag has been appropriated by right wing nationalists and yes its origins are rooted in a time when Christendom wasn’t particularly characterised by peace, love, freedom or happiness; but then very few places were. I can take or leave tradition, patriotism and religion, but that’s a personal choice.

 I draw my identity as I choose and don’t deny the right of others to do the same.


I don’t have any objection to Pakistani, Indian or Australian flags flying at cricket matches so I’m damned why I should

object to the Cross of St. George. The Norman Tebbitt test was always an insult to British citizens (or subjects) but of course he didn’t really mean it to apply to the Welsh, Scots or Irish (or Manx) England dwellers who always retained a loyalty to and affection for the old country. Did he?

Banning the Cross of St George is as daft as banning the Red Cross (the organisation) or insisting it changes

its logo. And it will only give further ammunition to those who want to exploit the understandable angst of the English public who are sick of being battered and scorned by quasi aristocratic bureaucracy whether from London, Brussels or Wall Street. Deny the English their choice and they will understandably do what they have done for centuries, come out fighting.




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