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Labour Party Conference 2011

More blah, blah, blah......, the hand of spin is not yet dead, and the speech writers need have no fear for their future.

If the medium is the message then we need to look further for inspiration.

Mr Milliband’s rail against the predators and for the producers sounded both hollow and shallow to me, a sound bite that lacks substance. “People want long-termism rewarded” he says on Radio 4 today. Perhaps someone knows what he means; bread tomorrow maybe.

He wants “big change, fundamental change”. Isn’t that what we used to call “a revolution”.



Big change by consensus or big change by coercion? Sounds like it will all end in tears for someone. Probably Joe and Josephine Soap.


Asked how you should run a country at a time of great division, Confucius reputedly said “like you cook a small fish, very carefully”.

Nick Robinson says it heralds a swing to the left by Labour. Really, which left would that be? To me it’s all reaction... to Southern Cross, to investment bankers, to Mr Cameron.I don’t spot the vision and I don’t see the plan.

Details, details...

Jim Naughtie drew attention to the Tories’ problems with packaging William Hague. An interesting parallel. New leaders have to capture a common mood and reflect it back in words that excite and agitate.

Sack the scriptwriters Mr Milliband but you will always find it difficult to sound interesting. You’ve spent your entire life talking politics with the chattering classes. It’s not how real people speak.

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