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Busy Few Months 2013

 Busy Few Months : June-September 2013


Let's start in June.
Big turn out at the Community Fun Day on the Meadows in Lower Salford. Beautiful day and a big opportunity for our team to conduct lots of interviews about the future of Peel Park. Everyone was so co-operative, challenging all those views about being over-consulted. Salford Bee Collective meeting.
Yes we have become a Co-operative. Scary.

Meetings in Preston and successful in our bid for £20000 to support the Getting Started programme. Excellent day at Salford University discussing co-operative learning models.
Excellent set by Night Train at Bolton's Blue Boar.
Weather changed and our research team spent two weeks in soggy East Salford chasing up Peel Park work in the rain.
Lots of paperwork completing Family Commissioning tender driving me to edge of insanity. Getting
neurotic about not including all fifteen required appendices.
More community –based work in Preston including wonderful Family Fun Day at St Matthew's.
Salford researchers delivered their presentation to the Irwell Valley Sustainable Communities Board followed by a fun meal for all at Punters on Cromwell Road. Irfan and Ahmad still on Ramadan but insisted on joining and held out until 9.23pm when they allowed themselves pints of fresh orange and large knickerbocker glory. Everyone on good form and buzzing from the presentation.
Now off to London with Louise for a gig at the Litmus Test in Bethnall Green. Weather now glorious so avoided city centre in favour of walks on Hampstead Heath and Regents Park. Camden crazy like Blackpool on speed. Gig went very well.
Met some good people, Pete the Temp, Ray Antrobus, and a woman who was brought up in Horwich. Question at interview for work in Kirkby. "What about old people?" All I could think to say was "I avoid them as much as possible". Not good.


Consultation at local Children's Centre. More people liking the area than not.
Appointed a Development Worker in Preston.
Met Dan Lever and Neil Piper about poetic contributions to forthcoming Hushed Puppies Festival. Committed to getting 8 performers each day.
Interview in Tameside. Question "What do you think of volunteering?" Answer "I don't believe in it. People should get paid the rate for the job". Response "We've just received the Queens Award for Volunteering". Not good.
My grandson is helping me out one day a week, summer holidays quite a bore at 15 if you're not allowed to work.
Consultation in Preston pub charity event with Bob and Danny. Good reception.
Trying to ease up a bit. It is August after all.
Away to Ulverston for a Geraldine Green/Anne Wilson gig at Ford Park. Fabulous setting. Setting sun, rising moon, bats. New Yorker George Wallace top of bill. A good turnout and I got a good reception. Lovely people up there.
Then suddenly it's Hush Puppies and 16 poets committed to performing between 30 plus music acts. First day ran late, cool and damp.
Shot off to Liverpool for Debbie's charity event/celebration for kidney transplants. Fabulous Jewish catering and classic disco.
Then back to the Dog. Next day much nicer, everything ran to time and I did a big compering stint. All spoken worders went down well. Some excellent musicians and fun contributions from Bolton Ukelele Group.
Loads of meetings in Bolton and Preston.
Much relief at the Wigan Diggers Festival. Excellent line up including John Togher's John the Baptist
and Merry Hell. Lots of unseemly dancing all captured on film.
Major contrast next day at one-day Test at Old Trafford. A bit delicate and Australia in charge from the off.
Realised that after a ropy start our Quiz team, the Brewhouse, is creeping up Division One, the benefits of having a strong squad.
Enjoyable leaving party at Islington Mill for Prof. Paul Hayward. Chance to jaw with people I've not seen for a while.
Meetings, meetings and preparing Salford Community Researchers' portfolios for assessment.
Salford Music Festival. Convenient poetry event at my local Friday evening watering hole, the
Eagle. Force myself onto the list. More readers than listeners. Quite common.
If you want an audience have an extended open mic.
Full on Saturday night. TVOD at the Man and Scythe, Night Train at the Blue Boar.
Now to prepare statistical profile of my local ward.
Plan our session at the Marsden Jazz Festival with musicians Kevin Bates and James Hartnell, and produce a plan for a twelve week Community Research programme in Old Trafford.
October looks like being busy and enjoyable.


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